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StickiWidgets is Live

Welcome to StickiWidgets. This site was created for and will be dedicated to creating widgets and services for Stickam (from time to time we will also venture into other areas). Stickam is a free video chat system that is based on Flash. By utilizing Flash, Stickam has positioned itself to be a powerful tool. Anyone using a modern browser with Flash player installed can use the video chat system. The chat supports text, audio and video. Of course, with audio and video, the user will need a microphone and webcam. Dispite these two strengths, there are also some weaknesses to Stickam. This is where StickiWidgets comes in. We will have two approaches. One is to find good existing features and make them better. The second is to find bad or missing features and fill in the gaps.

An example of what we will be doing here is the Stickam Chat Room Image Widget. The widget was created to allow users of restrictive social networks like MySpace to be able to have a dynamic listing of chat room users on their profile pages. An image file listing Stickam chat rooms occupants (first 12 users) are created every 60 seconds. Individuals can add a HTML image link on their profile page or site and present their viewers with a view of the chat room and it’s occupants.

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