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New Feature Added to the Stickam WP Sidebar Widget

A new feature was added to the Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget. The new feature allow you to monitor a specific Stickam chat room that you specify. A list of all current chat room users will be displayed with a link to their Stickam profile page. Since the sidebar widget uses the same data file as all other widgets provided by StickiWidgets, you will need to look up the associated “Filename” on the Stickam Chat Room Image Widget page. The chat room “Filename” is what is used to track the chat rooms. It is not the best way to implement this but due to the way Stickam expires chat rooms, this is the alternative to having to update the chat room ID every time a chat room expires and is re-created. As long as the chat room names are the same, the current method will be able to track the new room without any updates by the user.

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