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Friday Wrap-up

It’s been a little slow around here. We’re just doing some clean-up work. The site’s been updated here and there with more information and details. We changed the placement of a few things. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

We also touched up the MySpace and Stickam profile examples a bit.

The bulk of the work has been with updating the free Stickam Where Am I image widget and service. We are currently accepting requests for the Stickam Where Am I service. See the Stickam Where Am I Image Widget page for details and available colors. Send us an email with your Stickam profile name, color (if it’s not already available) and please remember to let us know who you are. While we are not very strict, we would like to keep a little control over the users for now.

We will try to respond to all requests as quickly as possible but we can’t promise we will be able to respond to all requests.

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