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Mid-Week Status

Not much has been changed or updated to the existing widgets or services since Sunday. This week, so far, has been spent digesting information and new technologies. As we continue to explore Second Life, we have discovered that NPOs are using Second Life in interesting ways. This has spawned some ideas and as a result, we have also been spending time over at TechSoup.org. TechSoup is an organization that provides free technology resources, information and support for nonprofit organizations. Not only can you visit their web site, but they also have a virtual office in Second Life. From their virtual office, they conduct meetings and programs to expand their reach into SL, bridging the gap between real world and virtual world.

We here at StickiWidgets are supporters of NPOs and contribute what we can in our spare time. We encourage you to stop by TechSoup or your favorite nonprofit and do your part.

For those of you waiting on or wanting updates on a specific widget or service, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We tend to have a lot on our plate and sometime our priorities are not the same as yours. Comments, suggestions and requests are always welcomed.

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