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Week End Summary

We’ve tested the free Lace chat room some more. Thanks to those who helped out. Some bugs were squished and some still remain. However, we have a nice list of things to do for the next week or so. It’s definitely not up to full public use, but feel free to test it out and chat a bit if there are others on. Email us with any comments, bugs, or suggestions.

A few things were added to give the users a slightly more personal and friendly chat. We incorporated a couple of icon sets from Mark James, famfamfam.com. Users can now specify their 2 letter country code and have their country flag displayed by their name. 7 emoticons were also added to give the users a bit more of a friendly feel. We will add more but this is just a proof of concept. The flag and emoticons were obtained from Mark James’ free icon sets in addition to a few other icons like the “question/help” icon.

The Stickam video chat player integration has been cleaned up a bit and works pretty well. Unfortunately, we are still optimized for the 160×160 player. We have not determined if we will support other player sizes. While it would be good to support all players, we feel that their larger size may be a hindrance for most of the users. But, we will evaluate this more and check the server logs to see what resolution our users are running. Maybe our users have the space available.

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