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A Day Late and a Dollar Short… PalTalk Video Chat for Social Networks

Actually, it’s a few days late and more than a dollar short. With the holiday weekend, we didn’t get a chance to keep up with the news. But, this morning we were able to catch up and noticed the article on TechCrunch about PalTalk.

“The video chat company PalTalk will go live on Monday with a new social networking service designed to be a proof of concept for the inclusion of video chat in social networks.” – TechCrunch (2006.7.2)

Sounds just like what we are working on here with Lace Chat and Stickam. We have not signed up or tested PalTalk but based on the article and the PalTalk site itself, there are some differences.

“PalTalk operates through a Windows desktop client and has already proven itself very scalable. It uses GAIM to create a consolidated buddy list across AIM, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ.” – TechCrunch (2006.7.2)

The system we are working on is completely browser based and only requires Flash (for video and audio). Our proof of concept can be run from anywhere where there is an internet connection, a capable browser and a capable computer. No additional installation is required. While their integration with the various chat programs is good, we have left that open for now. We have not touched on the buddy list or social networking portion of our chat. The idea is to have an open system that can be integrated with individual sites, blogs or even MySpace. While we probably will not integrate with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and other chat programs directly, we will look into creating a friend list and social network around the chat system.

And, the obvious difference is that PalTalk has the resources to quickly mobilize and develop these systems. Unfortunately, we do not have such resources. Even now, we are completely dependent on Stickam to provide the video chat portion of our chat system.

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