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Social Networks and the NHL

The NHL is launching a social network called NHL Connect. It is currently in closed beta but you can take a look at the site, though there’s not much to look at right now. Coincidentally, I received my LA Kings letter yesterday to purchase tickets for the 2006/2007 hockey season. The upcoming season seems to be promising new and interesting things. While it is hard to predict at this point, NHL Connect is targeting a niche market and we believe they will succeed. Sports fans are fanatical about their sport and team. Giving fans the ability to connect with like minded people is a good thing. It won’t compete with the likes of MySpace, but it doesn’t need to.

Now, if they consider putting in video chat rooms it would be great. We have always thought that video chat rooms are perfect for the sports market. Imagine watching the same game with your friends 3000 miles away and harassing each other over the score and your favorite teams. Or, if you’re into fantasy sports, conducting drafts via live real-time video and giving it that extra involvement and vested interest. Sports fans already connect with others online but giving them the opportunity to connect at that level would add to the experience, especially given the demographic and behaviors.

We will be waiting for the public release and definitely trying it out.

For more information you can check out Mashable.

“The feature set is fairly standard: users can create profiles, add friends, upload photos, insert YouTube videos, add comments, join groups and subscribe to new content via RSS. There are also some hockey-specific features: the latest NHL news, lists of scheduled games and the ability to find users based on their favorite teams and players.” – Mashable (2006.07.12)

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