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Image Enhancements and ‘Live’ Data

The Stickam WAI and Chat Room images have been enhanced to handle special characters better. You should notice less garbage in the images. They still need more work but the latest version is significantly better than the last. We are also looking into enhancing the overall look of the images but that will take sometime. Check back for updates on that.

WAI image now display the user’s “Display Name” at all times. The old functionality displayed their “Profile Name” until they were logged into a chat room, at which point they would show the “Display Name”. This new method should cause less confusion.

“Live” data has been added to the WAI image widget. The images will now display the user status in the following manner.

  1. if user is in a chat room then display the chat room name
  2. if user is in both a chat room and live then display the chat room name
  3. if user is not in a chat room but is live then display “Live”
  4. if user is not in either then display “Not in Chat or Live”

All images are automatically updated and will reflect the changes. You do not need to do anything if you are using these widgets. Additionally, if you are using the Chat Room Redirection service there is nothing to do.

The redirection service will continue to function as follows.

  1. if a chat room is specified then redirect to the chat room
  2. if a profile name is specified then check the following
    • if user is in a chat room then redirect to the chat room
    • if user is not in a chat room or is “Live” then redirect to the profile page

For more details visit the appropriate pages.

Please feel free to report any bugs, suggestions or comments.

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