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Have You Ever Wanted an Easy Way to Post a Video?

Well, now there is. While this is not new and has been done before, this is the quickest and easiest way that I know of. Say “Hello” to hellodeo. Hellodeo brings us a flash based video recorder and player widget. It’s as simple as clicking on “Click here to begin!”, hit the record button, submit, and then copying and pasting the embed code to your favorite profile page or blog.

There is no registration or sign-up. You do not need to login. And… It’s all free! You can’t beat that.

We have tested it a bit and so far so good. It was simple and fast. There are a couple more features we’d like to see but we also like the no frills approach.

For more information about hellodeo, you can check out their site or the write up at Postbubble.

Note: We did not experience the problems that others have but it has been a couple of days since the original post on Postbubble.

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