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Welcome Stickam to the Social Network Party

It looks like Stickam will be joining the “Social Network Party”. They have announced that they will be rolling out new social networking features next week, starting with a new profile page. While little was said about the actual features and the screenshot doesn’t show much, it does look like a move in the right direction. Given the recent Flash security changes on MySpace, it’s a good move on Stickam’s part to build out their own social network. Mentioned in the post are friends list (a long awaited feature) and comments on the profile page. The screenshot also shows significant layout changes and additional content areas.

The additions are sorely needed. However, it seems that the profile page will be more difficult to customize. We have done some basic changes to the current profile page via styles in the “Message” section of the Stickam profile, but given the complexity of the new layout it may be a daunting task for the average user. Stickam doesn’t have the user base or following to spawn the profile customization sites such as the ones for MySpace. Let’s hope that changes soon, though we feel it would be a better move to create a system that is easer to customize. Even better would be a templating system and/or customization tools. Profile page personalization is a big draw for users. It’s even made news over at Mashable, MySpace Layouts Top Ten.

To be honest, these features should have been rolled out long ago. Much of what we do here is due to the lack of features on Stickam. But, don’t worry about us, we are targeting users who want to use Stickam and already have their own exiting blog or site. Our services and widgets bridge the gap between Stickam and individuals, such as our Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget. Stickam’s expansion into a social networking site should have little impact on what we do here. Of course we would welcome a site that openly embraced third party widgets.

This is actually pretty good timing. MySpace has experienced several issues recently from site errors, hacking, restricting Flash widgets, to missing accounts. If Stickam can provide a stable system, customizable profiles, multimedia features, and their video chat system, it could be a compelling enough feature set to sway currently disgruntled MySpace users.

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