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Friday Wrap-up and Announcements

Where Am I Widget/Service Discontinued

We will be taking the Where Am I Image Widget service offline sometime today as previously announced. All other services and widgets will continue as normal. Our offerings will evolve with the changing landscape in order to serve our users better and to fill any gaps that are identified.

Performance and Stability

Our performance improvements are ongoing and we have made good progress in various area. One benefit of discontinuing an unused service is that it frees up our limited resources. We will continue our efforts in providing stable quality services.

Stickam Contacts Widget/Service Preview

The Stickam Contacts service has been in preview mode for a couple of weeks now. As usual, we encourage everyone to review and provide feedback, comments or criticisms. Your contributions are always appreciated and help us improve.


Stumbled onto Programmer Meet Designer. Seems like an interesting site and definitely fills a nice niche. Being primarily developers with little creative talent, something like this is of special interest to us. Since we just came across this site, we do not have any comments. Have any of you used this site? Any comments or recommendations? We would like to know what you all think about PMD. Feel free to post a comment or email us directly.

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