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Low Quality Videos a Thing of the Past?

Of course we are referring to image quality and not overall appeal. MotionDSP, a software company with video processing technology, aims to improve web cam and cell phone videos. Originally researched and developed at UC Santa Cruz for the military, MotionDSP plans on bring this technology to the consumer and mass market.

According to the report from TechCrunch, “Startup Uses Military Tech to Fix Low Res Video”, the company is anticipating a consumer beta release sometime this year. The software developed by MotionDSP compares multiple video frames and reconstructs them with improved clarity. However, the technology currently produces optimal results on still or slow moving videos. A web based interface will allow users to upload videos and then download the reconstructed videos. The company will also be targeting partnerships with video service providers like YouTube.

Check out the demo page for side-by-side comparisons or search YouTube for more samples. Of particular interest is the wedding example. The description on YouTube says the original was taken with a Motorola Razr. If we are to expect that type of quality improvement from the Razr and MotionDSP, we will definitely be trying out the service when it is released. We just picked up a couple of Motorola Razrs a couple of weeks ago.

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