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Performance Improvements and Refresh Rates

September 7th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have been working on various performance improvements over the last couple of weeks. Much of the push was due to resource usage on our limited shared hosting plan. Since we do not have the time necessary to properly plan our development, we often sacrificed system efficiency to deploy more services and widgets more rapidly. This became a problem as Stickam’s growth rate was out pacing our systems.

During the code review and rewrite, we had to scale back our update interval on all services to every 60 seconds. This allowed us to continue providing a stable system for everyone. Providing sustainable uptime of services was more important than the additional 30 second delay.

Now for the good news, significant improvements have been made to the system and we have not experienced any system outages (on our system, Stickam outages are another issue) over the last week or so. Refresh rates have also been restored (unannounced) to 30 second intervals for a couple of days now and have not caused any problems.

We will continue to monitor the systems as always and make any necessary adjustments. This will be an ongoing process as we release new services, remove outdated services, attempt to keep up with Stickam growth, and as our own user base increases.

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