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Serendipitous Chat

September 20th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do you like meeting new people? Do random encounters intrigue you? If so, our new pet project is right up your alley. Built on the Stickam live video chat system, we have launched a new site Serendipitous Chat. The site will appeal to people who like meeting random people and serendipitous encounters.

The site is pretty straight forward and there’s not much to it. When you go to the page you will be presented with a random Stickam user’s Live Player. If you want to move on, you just click “Next »” and a new random user will be loaded.

A conscious decision was made to provide as little information as possible to maintain the randomness and chance encounters. You will not be able to sort or search on any criteria. Chat and profile details will not be presented either. However, we have left all Stickam Player functionality intact for now. We are considering removing the profile name and link to make it even more difficult to find out information about the person before entering chat.

Keep in mind, all we are doing is loading Stickam players so Stickam restrictions, rules, and settings are retained. Not all players will be streaming live audio and video. Some users maybe in private or require you to be a Stickam member to enter chat.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for content provided or streamed by Stickam and its users.

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