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Wow! What Did Stickam Do?

September 28th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

All we got to say is, “Wow!” We don’t know what Stickam did or why MySpace has it out for Stickam, but this is not good for Stickam. A while back MySpace crippled external flash widgets on their site. This hurt a lot of companies out there trying to push their widgets on to MySpace. Now MySpace is kicking Stickam out wholesale.

After reading the MySpace issue posted on the Stickam staff blog, we had to go test it out for ourselves. After trying a few different variations of stickam.com, it looks like MySpace is filtering it out completely. No matter if it’s a link, an image source or even just plain old text, “stickam.com” is replaced with “..”

We also tested the following, none of which are blocked by MySpace. The list is a mix of social network, video sharing and picture sharing sites. They’re all pretty much in the same category as Stickam.

  • friendster.com
  • tagworld.com
  • hellodeo.com
  • youtube.com
  • grouper.com
  • flickr.com
  • photobucket.com
  • ning.com

With the list above, one must wonder why Stickam? At this point it looks like only MySpace can answer that question. We will keep track of this issue and hopefully there will be some good news for Stickam.

There is a slight bit of good news. If you do not update your profile, your existing Stickam links, images and players should still be fine. MySpace has not started actively removing “stickam.com”.

Luckily we weren’t really affected by this. However, we did have a link to our Stickam profile that broke. The fix for this was to use our very own redirection service to link to


and have the script redirect to the intended profile page. There is one problem with this, it does not always redirect to the profile page. The service will redirect the page based on the following.

  1. in public chat room redirect to chat room
  2. in private chat room redirect to chat room user list page
  3. user is live redirect to Live Player
  4. redirect to profile page
  5. undefined error redirect to Stickam homepage
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