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New Site Release – Stickam Live Video Wall

October 10th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

With the bad news about server performance from earlier today, we decided to release a new fun little site. During a chat yesterday with Aaron Novak (newave) of Stickam, he mentioned a mosaic video wall. Coincidentally we had been playing around with the Grouper GLite, fun video discovery interface, and figured we could do something similar. While this is incomplete and still requires much work on performance and features, it is still a fun site to visit for a bit. The domain name doesn’t really match the site, but it was one of the names we passed over for the Serendipitous Chat site and we didn’t want it to go to waste so we used it anyways.

When you first visit the site it will load 12 “live” video streams from Stickam users. Due to the data performance issues and users who do not stream video, there will be video screens that are blank or offline. After the initial load, a random live stream will be reloaded with a new random stream every 15 seconds. Duplicate streams are ignored so the update interval will vary depending on the randomizer. There should not be any duplicate streams within the 12 screens.

To mute the audio of a Stickam video/audio stream, just click on the green speaker icon in the top left corner of the appropriate screen. If the Stickam user is not in “Broadcast Only” or “Private” mode, you can launch the Stickam live video chat window by clicking on the screen/image of the appropriate Stickam video stream. All features of the Stickam video chat system will then function as normal. At this point, you are essentially opening a new browser window and handed off to stickam.com.

As usual, there is the regular smattering of Ajax, Web 2.0 design and live video chat to keep things interesting.

Keep in mind we did this in only a couple of hours but feel free to provide us with feedback, suggestions or bugs.



Also check out http://serendipitouschat.com if you haven’t already.

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