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Kismet Chat – New Features

October 19th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have updated Kismet Chat with a handful of new features. The live video board still loads 12 random Stickam players. At 15 second intervals a random screen will be loaded with a new live user. Duplicate streams should not be loaded and users on your Block list will not be loaded.

There are now 5 additional functions per screen.

Kismet Chat Button

Close and Lock Screen
Unloads the live video stream and locks the screen from reloading.

Block User and Reload Screen
Add the user to the Block List and Reloads screen with new random stream.

Open Profile
Opens the Stickam user profile in a new window.

Reload Screen
Reloads the screen with new random stream.

Lock/Unlock Screen

Locks and Unlocks the screen for reloads.

Two additional buttons and functions were added.

Block List
Opens a window and lists your blocked user list. Remove users from the block list.

Reload All
Initiates the reload of all 12 screens.

Kismet Chat Thumbnail

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