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Open Source Web Conferencing – 1videoConference

November 12th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

There’s an open source web conferencing project gaining popularity over at SourceForge. It looks to be a very interesting project and promises a lot of features. Unfortunately, it’s currently in alpha and seems to be rough around the edges still. However, if they can deliver everything they promise with ease of use, installation and a cost effective hosted solution, then they will have many small business owners waiting in line.

There is another audience they could also be targeting. Many web sites are still run by hobbyists and non-technical individuals. Having to go over to SourceForge, downloading something and then installing it on a web server is beyond a lot of site owners. A simple hosted solution where people just need to cut and paste a few lines of code would be great; this is in the plans according to the demo. The question is how much will it cost and what features will it have?

While not directly comparable in feature set, Userplane has many different price points depending on usage with or without ad support. 1videoConference could do the same with a tiered pricing structure and feature set. Want a plain video presentation hosted platform? Get it with ads for free. Need a video conference system with no ads? It’s a nominal price of x dollars a month. Want the whole enchilada with whiteboard support and collaborative tools? That will be an additional fee, thank you very much…

We will keep an eye on this one and see how it develops and differentiates itself from the others.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Brian
    August 20th, 2009 at 14:00 | #1

    That is a GREAT post on conferencing, which is really gaining speed in the market. I can recommend a great conferencing guide for newbees to use when figuring out how to get started. The “Quick Start Guide for Web Conferencing”, which I got on Amazon.com, got me up and running in about 25 minutes:


    I read that the http://www.webconferencingcouncil.com had a non-technical relative of equipped with a a Dell E6400 with Windows XP, complete with built-in camera & microphone test this book to see if it was truly a quick start. This relative was able to start a multi-point meeting in 17 minutes, was able to share her desktop and present an online presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) in under 25 minutes, and even started using the voting and whiteboarding features within 30 minutes – all of it witnessed but uncoached. I was a little bit faster but I am more technical than most.

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