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More Sites on the MySpace Hit List

November 13th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

We hate to play the conspiracy theorist, but there’s definitely more to it than it seems. MySpace is being very selective in who they choose to blacklist. As far as we can see, there is no unbiased uniform criterion that they are using to determine who should be blocked. Google Video and YouTube have just as much inappropriate or copyright content as the other sites on their hit list, yet they are not blocked.

If we were MySpace, we wouldn’t block Google, YouTube or the other big name sites either. But, until MySpace comes out and says how and why they choose certain sites to block, it’s just going to look like a strong arm tactic to quash the smaller players in this space.

The latest victim from the hit list is VideoCodeZone. Mashable has a summary of the block and comparison with the recent block placed on Stickam.

Additionally, as far we know, MySpace is not working with or notifying others why they are blocked or how to get unblocked. If it were just “objectionable” content, they could as least prepare a form letter to respond to companies that have been blocked with the specifics of their policy and how to remove the block. There are no reports from anyone that MySpace responds adequately when these companies inquire about the block. However, that leads us back to why isn’t Google or YouTube on this list. Your conspiracy theory is as good as anyone else’s, at least until MySpace speaks out officially.

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