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Stickam – Site Changes Again

November 13th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

It looks like Stickam is updating their site again. These changes broke some of our widgets and services so please be patient while we fix the issues. We should be able to resolve the problems without any changes or updates to the widgets themselves. However, we will be waiting till later today to address these problems. Since these change were unannounced and we are not completely sure of all the changes, we want to make sure all of the dust settles before we go in and start cleaning up.

If there are specific issues or bugs you would like us to address, feel free to email us with your comments and requests. Check the About Us page for our contact info.

Update (2006.11.17 @ 6:00 AM): Stickam rolled back their site changes sometime yesterday. We can not tell if it’s a full or partial rollback of all changes but the site is back to what it was before. This means, for now, our widgets and services are also working again.

Update (2006.11.13 @ 4:45 PM): Looks like Stickam is still experiencing problems from their updates and maintenance. Unfortunately, we can’t really do much on our end until they resolve their issues. As soon as that happens, we will update our services and widgets.

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