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Full Disclosure: Working for Stickam.com

December 1st, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Full Disclosure: We (the StickiWidgets staff) have entered into a working relationship with Stickam.com as of December 1, 2006. Due to potential conflicts of interest, we will have to evaluate new widgets development and everything else we do with a different perspective. However, existing systems, services and widgets will remain functional. StickiWidgets is and will continue to be an independent site, only the people behind the scenes are working for Stickam.com.

We will do our best to continue providing services and content to users as long as there are no conflicts of interest. We value our readers/users and your understanding is appreciated.

Companies/Sites/Services Please Read: Anyone who is considering sending information or invitations for reviews of products, companies, sites or services needs to clearly understand this disclosure. We are not responsible for any information or access that is provided to StickiWidgets and its staff.

Please visit http://www.stickam.com and review it for potential conflicts before sending information to StickiWidgets.

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