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Quick Update to Redirection Service and Chat Room Images

December 27th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Due to some issues with the Redirection Service and Chat Room Images using case sensitive names, it was too easy for users to lose track of their rooms due to a typo in the case of the Stickam chat room name. The quick fix for us was to convert all redirection and chat room image names to all lower case. This is not the best solution but it is the quickest and easiest fix for everyone. If your redirect and/or image links have broken recently, this is why. Please update all your redirect and image links to all lower case and they should begin working again.

There is already a patch on the server side for the redirection service so there should be no interruptions. However, the chat room images are only saved for 7 days. What this means is that the images will not break and will be still displayed, but the users in the chat rooms will be incorrectly displayed.


  • Chat Room Name: Stickam Lounge
  • Old URL Name: StickamLounge
  • New URL Name: stickamlounge

Please check the Stickam Chat Room Image Widget page to reference the exact name to use if you are still unclear.

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