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Stickam Data and Images Now Updated Every 5 Minutes

To help bring in the New Year, we have updated and optimized our data services. All data provided by StickiWidgets is now updated at 5 minute intervals. This should help everyone who is using our widgets and/or services. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations and the nature of real-time events, 5 minutes is about as a good as it’s going to get and you will occasionally miss someone.

All image widgets have also been set to be re-generated every 5 minutes. As a result, the status chicklets and chat room images will now be more accurate.

Both the Serendipitous Chat and Kismet Chat sites also benefit from this update. Additionally, we have new code on these two sites to make on-demand checks with Stickam before returning “Live” users. The outcome is significantly fewer off-line users.

Keep in mind; this is completely on our side. Stickam itself also caches their data so the actual freshness of the data is our interval plus theirs. However, their update interval should be significantly faster than ours so it should not be much more than 5 minutes combined.

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