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Everyone Should Have Laughter in Their Lives – Presenting the New bLaugh Widget

Chris Pirillo posed a semi-challenge to us a while ago. With new work, projects, holidays, etc. We just haven’t gotten around to it. Finally, here are the results of the request (more of a nudge than challenge or request) from Chris.

“Glad you liked it. ;) You should totally use our API to create bLaugh widgets for “WordPress, Stickam, MySpace, Friendster, et al” – what say you?” – Chris Pirillo (2006.11.26)

Yes, that was from a long time ago. Hey, better late than never. So here you have it. Drum roll please… Presenting the bLaugh widget…

[Widget removed, no longer supported.]

This is a flash widget that allows anyone to cut and paste the code below to any site (most sites any ways). It will present the latest bLaugh comic on load and allow you to cycle through the 20 latest comics from bLaugh. Clicking on the comic image or title should take you to the bLaugh page for that comic.

Tested and working with WordPress. You can use embed to put on a MySpace profile. However clicking on the comic or title will not take you to bLaugh.com. This is a security measure put in place by MySpace. We are currently working with Stickam to get our domain and widgets white listed for their site. Should not be a problem, just a matter processing the request.

This is a very basic widget so feedback is welcomed and enhancements will be made, time permitting.

Update: Stickam has approved our request for allowing our widgets on their system. However, they also employ the same security measures as MySpace. As a result, we have added a couple of simple links to the code for both bLaugh and StickiWidgets. We ask that you include the links when you use the widget.

Update #2: We have updated the widget for site like MySpace and Stickam that insert the tag allowNetworking=internal on the embed. Go to the bLaugh Widget page for the new code.

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