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February 20th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Widgetoko has a post on a new widget that provides answers and definitions to any word that is double-clicked on a site or blog where the widget is enabled. We did not install the widget for testing so head over to Widgetoko for a demo.

The AnswerTips widget is from Answers.com. When installed, anyone that double-clicks a word will get a “bubble of information” for the word. Testing on Widgetoko returns mostly accurate (within context) information or definitions for the word.

Overall the widget worked well. However, there were two major issues we saw with the widgets. The first concern is the same as the one voiced by Widgetoko. We don’t believe the average user double-clicks a word to initiate an action. The only time we think this would happen is when someone wants to copy-paste a single word. However, this leads to our second issue. We believe that multi-word selections are more common and because of this we believe multi-word definitions or information would be more useful and relevant.

These two issues will make it difficult for the widget to be widely adopted. At this point, most people are used to highlighting (copy/paste) phrases and searching Google from the Google Toolbar. That’s pretty hard to beat.

Again, for more information and a functioning demo check out Widgetoko.

Note: We do not have any data to support the claims made above. It is just our opinion.

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  1. AW
    February 21st, 2007 at 21:58 | #1


    IMO You had some stupid comments in you writing here. Personally I think that the tool is great! Do you actually understand that some visitors don’t always understand every single word on some website crammed with terminologies or that some visitors may not speak English as their first language? Let say for instance that I don’t understand what LOL means or maybe EPS (do you know what does the second one means) if you have AnswerTips enabled on you website I could instantly double-clicked the words and get the information I need, peaty cool don’t you think? AnswerTips is a revolutionary tool.

    PS. Google itself uses answers.com for definition words. Go check out yourself. Search anything on Google and look for the definition on the upper left corner and then click on the word

    Best regards, AW

  2. February 22nd, 2007 at 07:38 | #2

    Interesting comment…

    We never said that there were no good uses for the tool. We even said people could double-click on a single word and that overall it worked well. Our suggestion was to make it better by allowing multi-word selections.

    Multi-word selection would allow for context. Even in your examples, LOL and EPS could mean a multitude of things to different people in different instances.

    Yes, you are correct about Google Search linking to Answers.com for definitions. But, you failed to read the post thoroughly. We never questioned the validity of the information provided by AnswerTips. We only pointed out its limitations by only allowing single word selections.

    As for revolutionary, this technology and concept has been around for years. The reason it has never taken off is partly because of timing and the things we have pointed out.

  1. January 5th, 2010 at 10:48 | #1