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MySpace Statement on Blocking Widgets

February 26th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

TechCrunch has the first (that we know of) official statement from a high level executive representing MySpace regarding the blocking of sites, services and widgets. Head over to TechCrunch for the statement from a SVP of Corporate Communications at Fox Interactive, MySpace’s parent company. The quote specifically addresses the block on Revver and others in general.

We believe it’s a pretty general statement and everyone should take care in dealing with MySpace. However, if your entire business model relies on widgets and MySpace, you should probably rethink your business plan.

The fact is there are questionable statements by other execs over at MySpace, as Michael Arrington points out. Additionally, there is content on YouTube that violates copyright, yet YouTube is not blocked. We don’t believe it’s as simple or as clear cut as the statement makes it sound.

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