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WordPress 2.1.2 Update and WP-Cache Plugin

WordPress 2.1.2 was released a few days ago. There were potential issues with 2.1.1 depending on when you obtained the download. To be safe, 2.1.1 in its entirety has been deemed dangerous. If you are running that version, you should upgrade to 2.1.2. Get the latest version of WordPress here. For more information on the specifics, check here.

While updating to the latest version of WordPress we decided to enable caching too. As we add more services and increase traffic, performance began to suffer. With caching enabled, the site is much snappier (if you’re not the first one to view a page or the cache on that page hasn’t expired). We chose to go with WP-Cache plugin for ease of use and deployment. Everything appears to be functioning, but please let us know if anything looks odd.

Update: We have disabled WP-Cache for now. There were too many places where we had real-time dynamic content that really shouldn’t be cached. So, rather than identify all locations and excluding them from the cache, we are optimizing the entire site.

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