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My Stickam Friends Widget

Update: The updated widget has been released and is compatible with both MySpace and Stickam. Check out the main My Stickam Friends Widget page for details.

We have been working on a new My Stickam Friends widget. This widget grabs the list of friends and their status (first 40 friends on your Stickam friends page). An icon is displayed next to each name to indicate their status. Clicking the user’s name will either launch their Stickam video chat (if they are broadcasting live) or you will be taken to the user’s profile page.

Status Icons:

Stickam Live Chat
In a Chat Room

A widget page will be created and the widget code will be released shortly. There are still a few minor features we would like to include before the first release.

Currently the widget is not MySpace or Stickam friendly. The widget will embed just fine and pull in the friends list and status. But, due to the allowNetworking setting, you will not be able to launch a chat or navigate to a profile page. We plan on having a solution for this.

Check back over the next few days for updates.

[update (05/28/2008) - widget removed and discontinued due to lack of Stickam API support]
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