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Apple and EMI Announce DRM Free iTunes Music

In a London press conference this morning, Apple and EMI announced that the entire EMI music library will be made available through Apple’s iTunes store without DRM. The DRM free files will also be encoded at a higher quality than the usual iTunes music from other labels. The EMI tracks will be $1.29 (30 cents more), DRM free and encoded as 256kbps AAC files (up from 128kbps). Music downloaded from iTunes without DRM will be playable on any device that can play the AAC format. Consumers who do not want to purchase the higher quality unprotected tracks can opt for the standard 99¢ 128kbps tracks, both versions are offered. People who purchased the lower quality tracks can upgrade to the new format for 30¢.

EMI will also be making unprotected music videos and full albums available through the iTunes store at their current pricing. This is great news and will put the other labels on notice. Let’s hope EMI and Apple show that this is the way to go and are successful so that the other labels will follow.

One thing to note, this deal does not include the Beatles catalog…

[via NPR (Radio Broadcast) and Arstechnica]

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