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PayPerWidget Extends Snipperoo

Again, we are late with this so check out Mashable and Sexy Widget for more detailed coverage. We have registered for the trial. So, once it begins we should be providing a follow-up post.

PayPerWidget basically pairs site publishers/bloggers with widgets producers and provides a way for the publishers to monetize their space. The widgets producers register the widget with the Snipperoo PayPerWidget system and set the rate that they are willing to pay for placement. Site publisher allocate space for and selects widgets at the given rates. PayPerWidget is basically just an extension of the existing Snipperoo widget distribution platform.

This is a great way for widgets producers to entice site owners display and potentially help distribute the widgets. At the same time, it gives site owners another way to monetize their sites. We see this as a win-win for both sides.

We would love to add a new revenue stream to StickiWidgets and promote widgets at the same time. Let’s hope this is as good as we hope.

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