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Widgets to Spread to Apple TV More Easily

IdgetsWay has an interesting post on widgets making its way to the Apple TV. Unfortunately, it all looks to be hacks and not official Apple releases. The new hack is brought to us by AwkwardTV and is currently in private beta. We do not have much information regarding the AwkwardTV Loader hack or the various widgets/plugins. There does appear to be some RSS, weather and sports widgets during the beta test. For more information, check out the IdgetsWay post or AwkwardTV.

There are multiple hacks and plugins posted on the AwkwardTV site so we are not sure which one the following statement on the site refers too, but these hacks in general are definitely not for the faint of heart. In regards to the AwkwardTV widget loader, it does appear that once the loader is installed, the installation of widgets over the net is quite simple and easy.

By the way, opening the box voids warranty. That should be clear. – AwkwardTV

Here is a video showing the ease of installing new widgets via the AwkwardTV Loader. However, it doesn’t show what’s involved in getting the Loader itself installed.

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