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Must Read for Widget Developers and More

If you have anything to do with developing or utilizing widgets, you must read following two posts. The first was posted yesterday by Ivan over at the Snipperoo Blog. Ivan lists his “Ten Sins of the Widget Makers“. We happen to agree with all his points. Widget makers need to be more aware of how their widget can and will be used. Just because it’s a widget doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the respect and attention that is required.

“It amazes me that, despite all the love and attention that is put into widgets, most widget producers don’t seem to pay much attention to the needs of their customers – the widget users.” - Ivan

The second must read was posted today by Lawrence over at Sexy Widget. In his post he dissected the RateItAll widget that is currently in beta. He does a great job of going through each element of the widget and various decisions made for each. The insight into that process is invaluable. Everyone should put that much focus on their widgets.

“Any widget that expects to earn real estate on a blog must bring something to the table for the host site.” - Lawrence

The bottom line is that widgets have a major role to play and all those involved need to be aware of various aspects of a widget. The widget needs to be evaluated and planned just as much as any other major feature or project. Its development should not be done completely devoid of business needs and goals nor should it be released without review against some technical guidelines. While there is no magical check list, if you are able to marry the technical with business and make informed decisions, you will have a much better chance of long term success.

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