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SpringWidgets, MySpace and Fantastic Four Widget

There is a very interesting widget that was released by SpringWidgets specifically for MySpace. This is not a unforeseen partnership and we’ve pointed this out in the past. SpringWidgets is developed by Fox Interactive Media which links them to MySpace and the new Fantastic Four movie (20th Century Fox). The widget is actually pretty cool. A screenshot is provided but it only works properly on MySpace so we did not embed it.

Once a user has put this on their MySpace profile page, there are some things you can do. Clicking on any of the 5 movie character images will change the profile page theme on the fly. This is done by applying new style sheets temporarily. If the user’s profile page is reloaded, the original style is present. Each character theme also comes with a custom “Super Power” animation that can be activated from the widget.

This is a typical SpringWidget so the standard options and feature exist. You can grab the code and embed this where you would like. However, as we mentioned earlier, this is specifically built for MySpace profiles. If this widget is placed on any other location, the movie themed styles will be applied to the page it is on. But, it will pretty much break the page, unless for some odd reason the page is coded and structured very similar to the MySpace profile page.

It is a very clever widget that is well executed for the intended purposes.

[via Snipperoo Blog]

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