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Impact of Stickam Updates on StickiWidgets

Update 2007.06.01: The major impact is on users who have private Stickam Chat Rooms. The password input has been changed and the old method no longer works. All this means is that the password option for the redirect service no longer functions. You will be prompted to enter the password once the chat room window opens.

Stickam released several changes to their site today. Some of these changes have minor effects on various services and widgets provided by StickiWidgets. This will only be a minor inconvenience for most of you. So, rather than rush to make changes on our end, we are waiting a couple of days to make sure the Stickam changes have settled down before we update our code. Most of you will not notice anything at all.

If you have an urgent issue, feel free to contact us. We will evaluate the situation and prioritize the fixes as needed.

For contact info, see the About Us page.

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