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Sharing Our Review of Fliva

We went over to Fliva.com (Share Your Individuality) to check out their widget.

From their FAQ: What is Fliva?

“A way to create a cool widget to post to your web page or community site, or add a link in your email signature to give viewers some unique insights into your personality. Answer a few questions, fill out some favorites, and Publish!”

Registration was simple and quick. Setting up the widget was also a simple process. The setup tool steps you nicely through the tabs and necessary information. We like the “Colorize” slider. It had an adequate number of colors, but a few more shades wouldn’t hurt. When you are ready to “Publish”, you can link to a page hosted by Fliva.com (if for some odd reason you don’t have anywhere to put it), automatically push to a handful of social network/community sites or grab the embed code for yourself.

There are things you can learn about people based on how they answer certain questions. Fliva does a decent job of providing a quick little tool/widget for people to use. And, it looks nice.

However, there were a few things that we felt could have been improved on. We saw the list of additional questions to add, but we did not see where you could create your own questions. The default list is a bit limiting. The “Favorites” list allows for user input, so why not the Q&A?

Another thing that was missing was some size options. It would have gone perfectly with the Colorize feature. This kind of widget seems to lend itself to being permanently displayed. The default 446px widget works well for a basic static profile page. An adjustable or even just a sidebar option would have been nice. With some tweaks, the content is still workable in a narrow sidebar format.

Overall, the setup was painless and the widget looks nice. Just a few minor details would make for a better widget. Lastly, the all Flash interface felt a little sluggish (not sure if it was just us) and more than 10 characters for the Nickname would give users more choices.

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