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Widgets Are Here to Stay

Lawrence over at Sexy Widget has compiled a great list of widget related ventures and those who are funding them. With the diversity in companies and sources of financial support, widgets are here to stay.

Here’s the first 5 from the Sexy Widget list. Head over to Sexy Widget for the complete list.

Benchmark – Benchmark has invested in avatar company Gizmoz, widget distribution platform Gigya (review), and start page / widget aggregator PageFlakes.

Sequoia – Sequoia has invested in widget powerhouse RockYou, and is also rumored to have invested in Widgetbox.

Mark Cuban – Mark Cuban is an investor behind Goowy, which is the developer of widget platform and aggregator YourMinis. Cuban has also invested in file sharing service Box.net (review), the developer of one of my favorite widgets.

Union Square Ventures – Union Square Ventures has invested in Feedburner (sort of a widget company), Adaptive Blue (review) (a toolbar / widget powered service), and avatar company Oddcast.

Trinity Ventures – Trinity was the lead investor in Photobucket.

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