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Ning Badges, Widgets and Self Promotion

We haven’t been around Ning for a while and our hockey network was a big flop. But, with the upcoming season we stopped by to see where we left off. It’s not pretty. There are a whopping 4 members for Center Ice. Then we noticed a new (to us) badges and widgets section. Clicking through, we were presented with 4 badges/widgets to grab and help promote your Nine network. So, with the upcoming season and the badges, we are going to put some more effort into our little Center Ice hockey network on Ning. Maybe this time around we can actually get some traction, armed with the new badges/widgets and a renewed drive.

1) Profile Badge – Tell others you are a member of a Ning network.
View my profile on Center Ice

2/3) Small/Large Network Badges – Displays the network name and some info about membership.

4) Music Player – Allows playback of playlists. (blank example since it doesn’t apply to our Center Ice network)

Find more music like this on Center Ice

Each one of the badges/widgets allow for basic customizations. While these are pretty basic, it is a nice easy way for people to try and get visibility for their Ning networks and hope to grow their memberships and traffic.

So, if you’re into hockey, feel free to drop by and help build the community. There’s NHL highlights from YouTube, complete games from Google Video search, NHL News and Scores, forum and IRC chat.

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  1. August 9th, 2008 at 14:57 | #1

    Do you happen to know the self program chat widget that was available in Ning.com.

    It was a nice widget. We ask anything and the widget answer it.
    If you know please do let me know

    Thank you

  2. February 9th, 2009 at 04:44 | #2

    i am looking for this kind of a widget available for Ning for my blog but it is wordpress . is there a widget for wordpress to create member badges.

  3. February 9th, 2009 at 11:03 | #3

    Bindu, sorry we’ve never come across a badge widget for wordpress. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though. Keep looking and if you find one, let us know. ;)

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