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Widgets and API Announcements

Joost announces their API via their forum. The forum post provides the login info to access their API development site so you can play with the API.

“There have been a lot of changes and improvements to Joost recently. One that you might not have noticed is that with the newest release Joost 0.12.0 a new Widget API is available that makes it possible for third parties to create their own Joost widgets.”

Hi5 introduces their new widget gallery. Currently, the gallery only includes widgets from Slide and RockYou, but it looks like they are looking to expand the offerings. If you are a widget developer, they would like to hear from you via their contact form.

“We’re pleased to announce our new widget gallery. Widgets allow you to add all kinds of interesting content to your profile — slide-shows, games and more.”

Hi5 is also beta testing their API.

“Welcome to the API for Hi5.com We’ve got a full SOAP API, and even a few REST endpoints. Feel free to check it out!”

Widget Summit 2007 Announced

“Widget Summit is a two-day conference on widgets and content syndication. Web pages have gotten smaller, dynamic, and distributed as components within the desktop, personalized homepage, social network, blog sidebars, mobile phones, and even dedicated hardware. Today’s publishers need to reach their audience wherever and whenever they may choose to interact with content. Widgets lead the way towards a distributed web loosely joined.”

[all of the above via Snipperoo Blog]

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