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Google Gadgets at e.day and Widgets Presentation by Sexy Widget

September 14th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Lawrence Coburn of Sexy Widget/RateItAll.com has an interesting summary of Sep Kamvar’s presentation on Google Gadgets/iGoogle at e.day yesterday. Head over to Sexy Widget for the full post.

Here are a couple of bullets and a comment from Lawrence.

  • Sep talked about it as a virtuous circle – more gadgets attract more users, and more users attract more gadgets.
  • He talked about the evolution as being: 1) hobbyists developing gadgets for their friends; 2) businesses developing gadgets for commercial reasons; 3) an economy rising around the development and consumption of gadgets complete with acquisitions and companies whose sole focus is Google Gadgets (Lab Pixies)

It sounds like Google is working on more ways to put Gadgets in front of people… with all the Facebook buzz, it’s easy to forget about Google Gadgets. Maybe we shouldn’t. – Lawrence Coburn

Lawrence himself was also a presenter at e.day. He has posted the presentation on his blog, Sexy Widget. It’s a great presentation on widget strategies, so go check it out. We are honored to have received a mention in the presentation. Thanks, Lawrence…

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