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Widgets 101

Naill Kennedy has a couple of good posts last week on the history and definition of widgets. Here are the first paragraphs of each post. Head over to Naill Kennedy’s blog for the full articles.

A brief widget history – Sept. 27

“The widget technology we take for granted today has been over 25 years in the making. Small pieces of customized desktop and web content have made their way into our lives whether you call it an accessory, a widget, a web part, or a gadget. Below is a visual timeline of widget history and a brief summary of how some of today’s widget sectors got their start.”

Widget nomenclature – Sept. 30

“Widget terminology often confuses newcomers. The variance of terms — widget, gadget, module, badge, button, etc. — can create impressions of a fragmented industry in its early days, not able to agree on anything as simple as a name. In this post I will walk you through the etymology and nomenclature of widgets and its variances. I interpret each term as a separate meaning, not a synonym, depending on the structure and use of widget content.”

He also has several good and in-depth posts on widgets. Do a quick search on his blog.

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