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5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Widget Platform

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We saw this over at Snipperoo Blog and thought that it was good information, so we are passing it along. This was originally posted by MuseStorm. We’ve posted the first three questions. Visit MuseStorm for the complete list.

MuseStorm: How to Select a Content / Widget Syndication Solution

  1. What are the authoring capabilities of the service?

    Time to market is crucial in today’s fast-changing world with fickle user preferences. Publishers and media companies need a solution that enables them to quickly and easily author widgets and applications for the right platform and distribution channel. Solutions that require you to create your own widgets and applications might slow down your time to market.

    Learn more about the MuseStorm Authoring module and the Widget Studio.

  2. Which distribution channels are supported by the syndication service?

    As your users become more and more tech savvy, they demand more interaction with your message and content via different destinations, formats and devices. A good syndication solution provides more than just Web widgets. Desktop, Instant Messaging and mobile devices are all part of the mix, and your syndication service should support all of them.

    Learn more about MuseStorm Intelligent Delivery.

  3. Can you capitalize on and monetize your distribution effectively?

    A powerful distribution solution enables you to capitalize on your hard-earned distribution. The flexibility of integrating advertising with your content, the ability to trigger monetization options based on user actions and the dynamic nature of the solution all play a role.

    Learn more about the MuseStorm Capitalize module.

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