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Widgets to go Mainstream on a TV Near You

It’s hard to keep track of everything that goes on at CES but Ivan over at Snipperoo blog had an interesting post, Aquos Net Brings “widgets” to TVs. So, we went digging to find out more.

Basically, it looks like Sharp will be offering an ethernet jack on some of their LCD TVs and a service to go along with it called Aquos Net. You will be able to load approved widgets on your TV and access the internet. The photos and video shows a few different widget view configurations.

It’s nice to see widgets go mainstream like this. While we have to wait to see how this will all really work and what’s on the approved widget list, we do see how this could be a good thing. Not everyone is attached to a computer or has one next to the TV, so having access to some information like weather or stock ticker would be convenient. There are obviously weather and stock channels, but not having to channel flip will appeal to some.

We are interested to see how this develops and if other TV/electronics manufacturers will follow.

Gizmodo has a couple of posts with photos and video that better show what Aquos Net by Sharp is all about.

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