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Hub, Spoke and Widgets

February 5th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Lawrence has a great post over at Sexy Widget on “Building a Web Service in a Distributed World.” While he raises more questions than answers, he does provide details and a viewpoint based on his experiences and his company, RateItAll.com. We agree that there isn’t a one size fits all solution and that each company will have to look hard to see what model fits their business.

Here’s a excerpt from the post to wet your appetite.

So what’s the right model? Fully distributed like Zynga or a focus on a core community with only marginal outreach to the SNS like Yelp? And how should you manage your various user bases? Should a user on one SNS be able to interact with a user of another SNS via your app (Zynga)? Or should the user bases be kept separate (iLike and Flixster)? And what should be the ultimate goal of your distributed business? Reach or feature ownership? And what brings a higher chance of success porting an existing web service to the social networks (Flixster), or building something native (Renkoo)?

It’s unlikely that one size will fit all. But I have come to some conclusions in regards to my own company.

It’s called Hub and Spoke.

Head on over to read the entire post.

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