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Launching a Widget Campaign Best Practices

February 24th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

iMedia Connection has a post up, “4 widget best practices” by Nikole Brake, containing good information on launching widget campaigns. The best practices are specific to widget campaigns and are a good addition to the attributes of a successful social network marketing campaigns post by Jeremiah Owyang from a few days ago.

4 widget best practices

If you’re launching a widget campaign, consider these strategic and technical factors to maximize your campaign’s impact.

The intense popularity of widgets, gadgets, Facebook applications and their kin has advertisers and publishers eager to get on board. But before you invest in a widgetized advertising campaign, there are a number of strategic and technical factors to consider. There are also important guidelines to follow to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Are you ready to let go?
That’s the first question to ask yourself, because consumers interact with widgets (and thus your content) outside the confines of your website…

Serve a purpose, and serve it fresh
Widgets shouldn’t simply be advertisements for your content or service…

Stick with standards and partners you know
On the development side, adhering to IAB standards maximizes the number of potential placements for your widget…

The distribution question
Once you’ve created your widget, how do you get it to fly?…

Head over to iMedia Connection for the full post.

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