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Track Your NCAA Tournament Bracket in a Widget

One of our readers dropped us a link to a NCAA Tournament bracket tracker. The widget is distributed via WidgetBox and comes with the usual host of features provided by their platform.

You start off by selecting the teams for your bracket. To do this, all you have to do is step through the choices presented to you and in seconds (or minutes if you’re indecisive) the bracket will be filled out for you. Grab the code or sent to your favorite location via the WidgetBox distribution tool.

The widget will display your bracket selections with indications of whether you’re correct or not. It’s a pretty straight forward and simple tool for keeping track of and showing off your tournament bracket selections. There’s no registration or special requirements so it’s easy to setup and use.

Tourney Madness (description from about page):

Choose who you think will win in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

User the bracket builder to make your selection, put the widget on your site, share with your friends!

This widget keeps track of what you got right and what you go wrong and keeps track of your score.

BTW, those aren’t really our picks. It’s just the highest seeded teams…

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