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March Madness NCAA Tournament Bracket Widget Updated

It’s been a great NCAA Tournament and as we now have the Elite Eight, our widget has been updated. The widget will now by default load with the Elite Eight bracket view. However, we have added the ability for you to specify which view you would like as the default view for your own widget. You will be presented with a selection screen when you try to grab the embed code or try to post the widget to a social network or site.

You can select from the EAST, MIDWEST, SOUTH, WEST or ELITE EIGHT brackets as the default view. Also, if you decide to change he default view later, just grab the code again and select the new view as the default.

Update (2009-12-25): Widget removed due to changes in the Clearspring Platform and lack of interest in this widget.

Don’t forget, this widget is enabled as a Facebook App.

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