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Let’s Say Thanks Support Our Troops

This is a feel good widget so there is no review. Whether you support the global actions or not, our troops deserve our support.

The widget is just in time for this Memorial Day, but remember we should thank and support the troops everyday.

About Let’s Say Thanks:

The mission of Let’s Say Thanks is to provide a way for individuals across the country to recognize U.S. troops stationed overseas. By submitting a message through this site you have the opportunity to send a free personalized postcard greeting to deployed servicemen and women.

The postcards, depicting patriotic scenes and hometown images, were selected from a pool of entries from children across the country.

About the widget:

Show support for the troops overseas and share up-to-date information on the Lets Say Thanks program with the new Lets Say Thanks widget. Automatically get pictures, downloads, messages from the troops and more by posting the Lets Say Thanks widget to your favorite social network, blog or Web site.

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  1. May 21st, 2008 at 15:20 | #1

    No matter what your political views I believe our troops need some morale to lift their spirits, I know my nephew did. My nephew is following in his fathers footsteps and enlisted in the army and is currently oversees protecting our country. I stumbled across this video while trying to send him something inspirational. I hope it gives you as much inspiration as it has for me in supporting our troops on this Memorial Day! God Bless America!


  2. May 21st, 2008 at 20:06 | #2

    Thanks for sharing.

  1. May 22nd, 2008 at 02:27 | #1