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Travel Widgets for Planning a Trip or Just Dreaming

Down in the dumps, bored, laid off, need a break or just want to dream?

Here are some widgets from Tripbase.com to get you started.

Each of the widgets does something different.

  • Travel Weather and Season Predictor: Enter a destination, month and get the weather prediction with information about the travel season.
  • Travel Cost Calculator: Enter a destination and it spits out the “estimated” daily cost. You can specify Budget, Mid range or Luxury and your choice of 3 currencies.
  • Travel Picture of the Day: Auto updates daily with a new vacation picture to distract you from what you’re suppose to be doing.

Overall, the 3 widgets are nice and simple. We can see how they would be interesting and add value to a site or blog. One thing we really liked is the input suggestions and auto complete on the destination input fields. It definitely makes it easier to input and get the right destinations.

Here are some things we would have liked to see.

  • Move the HTML based widget link into the widget itself. We don’t believe the SEO value on that widget link back should be the primary SEO play.
  • Replace the above mentioned link back with a SEO optimized link back to the site with the “correct” keywords.
  • Utilize a better widget distribution model, maybe Clearspring or Gigya.
  • More user configurations like size, layout or color.
  • Maybe an all-in-one widget combining the three.
  • When a user inputs a destination, generate a link to the search results page for that destination.
  • Tag each vacation photo with the “Location/Destination” of that photo and link the user to the search results page for that destination.

We started checking out the Tripbase.com site after taking a look at the widgets and noticed a couple of things.

First, we came across the Caribbean Vacation Ideas page that looked perfect for widgitizing. The page provides a tool for users to enter some criteria and receive a listing of results for vacation ideas. All that really needs to be done is give the user some options on layout and size, then let it loose. When ever a user clicks on a suggested vacation take the user back to Tripbase.com. Minimal amount of work to drive branding, marketing and traffic. If you wanted to get fancy, you can even add an SEO tail for some link love and advanced user configurations like color and default search.

Tripbase Vacation Ideas

Second, the top navigation is not present on the home page. This seems very strange. We’re not sure why this is the case. Anyone have any ideals why this would be a “good” thing?

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