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Clearspring Reaches Half the Internet Users

Congratulations to Hooman and the gang over at Clearspring.

According to Comscore, over 520 million unique viewers each month is the reach of Clearspring’s sharing platform. That makes Clearspring the largest distributed sharing platform on the web covering half of the people on the internet worldwide.

Here’s a great write up/interview over at ReadWriteWeb,
Clearspring Sees What 1/2 The Internet is Doing (API Coming Soon).

Hooman also posted some information on his blog regarding some upcoming updates to AddThis. Here’s a snippet from his post Moving to One Sharing Platform – AddThis vision being realized

“Before, AddThis specialized in enabling users to share links back to your website. Now with our API, you can also enable your users to post embeddable content like videos, photos and more – taking your site experience with them. We have leveraged our experience with widgets at Clearspring to provide a simple approach that we think will be truly powerful. We’ll be doing another update to this capability soon that will enable even more of the powerful widget-sharing functionality from Clearspring to be leveraged via AddThis.”

We’re looking forward to what interesting things Clearspring has in the works. Sounds like they’ve got some great things lined up.

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