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Daily Looks Widget From StyleCaster

Press Release (via email):

StyleCaster Unveils “Daily Looks” Widget

What’s the Temperature? What should I wear? StyleCaster has the answer.

New York, New York, July 9, 2009: Today StyleCaster unveils the “Daily Looks” widget, where it delivers not only the weather, but also three looks that rotate 360 degrees in HD quality styled by leading stylists and fashion influencers. Starting today, members can download the application onto their blog, FaceBook page, Apple Dashboard, or wherever else they live on the web.

StyleCaster is continuously innovating to create new utilities to meet everyday needs. “The first two questions people ask themselves every morning when they wake up are: What’s the temperature? What do I wear?” said Meg Cuna, Chief Content Officer of StyleCaster. “These two questions were the inspiration behind StyleCaster’s ‘Daily Looks’.”

Users can also at any time change their location, at which point it will upload three new looks corresponding to the weather condition in the new area. When users click on a look, StyleCaster automatically directs them to the look’s homepage so that they can learn who styled the looks and see more about each product in the ensemble.

About StyleCaster:
StyleCaster, which recently announced a $4 million round of funding, is a new online platform that provides individuals access to the world of fashion. From style tips optimized for each individual, the latest fashion trends, and a niche social network, to a large catalog of brand-name clothing and the ability to buy fashion items with just a few clicks of the mouse, StyleCaster combines community, content and commerce – and does so based on each member’s personal taste and style.

Our Quick Take


  • Interesting widget
  • Niche content
  • Could be useful to users
  • Click on outfit takes you to the outfit details page
  • Good use of Clearspring


  • Limited “outfits” (3)
  • Generic results based on weather only (Location? Los Angeles vs. New York vs. Miami)
  • No ability to set personal styles (not everyone has the same style)
  • Click on style creator name goes to StyleCaster home page with log in prompt? (should go to creator profile page)

For more information on the “Daily Looks” widget go to http://www.stylecaster.com/apps

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